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You think we need you? Hold on, why?

Being a "name" at Cobe means being passionate about our industry, digital products and their power to change human behaviours. At first, you may think Cobe is a messy bunch of creatives but that feeling fades away when you suddenly swim in our hand-crafted workflow, that goes hand in hand with Cobe's UXi strategy, shaping meaningful digital experiences and get products ready to launch. We want deep thinkers, challengers and people with that special taste for beautiful details, whilst becoming the most "name", ever.

Hard Facts

Fluent in german


Unknown. Not yet defined.

Your work will matter.
It will be seen. It will have an impact.

Due to expansion, we are now looking for a new Web developer that would join our team in Osijek and help us execute our vision.

Who are we looking for?

Definitely a team player. Plus, if you’re cooperative, responsible and efficient, you’ll make the perfect new addition to our team of 5 web developers. Also, you can’t be too SASSy. 😉

Our ideal candidate would have…

  • Minimum 2 years experience
  • Great knowledge of English
  • Great knowledge of CSS and HTML
  • Advanced knowledge of JavaScript
  • Advanced knowledge of React
  • Basic knowledge of functional programming and OOP paradigms
  • Basic knowledge of styling using CSS-in-JS and CSS preprocessor (SASS, LESS,...)
  • Basic knowledge of GraphQL and REST
  • Basic knowledge of working with Webpack

If you have LESS working experience than we’re looking for, or think your knowledge of the mentioned programming languages is not as advanced - apply anyways.

Possible advantages

  • Knowledge of German
  • Experience working with Scrum
  • Experience working in Agile environment

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