User Experience Identity.

How to create successful digital products with brand driven UX design. End of story.

Information overload

We live in a world of constant availability and endless opportunities to interact. We‘re always on. But this increasing overstimulation leads to a more economic redistribution of the users‘ attention.

Attention is money

Countless players are battling for the users‘ attention. Attention is the new global currency. The winner is whoever gets the most attention, whose products are used the most frequently.

CX leaders outperform the market

An excellent customer experience is mandatory to win the users‘ attention. CX is a success factor.

CX = UX = BX

„Customer Experience is User Experience is Brand Experience“ Digital products are an integral part of the CX. They are brand touchpoints. Experiencing a product equals experiencing the brand behind the product. Everything is brand experience.

Every interface tells a story – make it the right story

„One cannot not communicate“ Once a product is put on the market, it tells a
story through the way it looks and behaves – whether it is intended or not. Digital products need to tell the same story as the brand does on all other communication channels to ensure a holistic, coherent customer experience.

Digital products are subconsciously decoded

Brands and products send signals which we subconsciously decode. Colors, shapes, fonts,
layouts, movements and tonality of digital products all trigger mental concepts that have to be aligned with the brand positioning.

Mind the hedonic quality

The so-called pragmatic quality has become a „hygiene factor“. High quality usability and
functionality is a must nowadays. Relevant and differentiating digital products can only be created with brand driven UX design.

Brand driven UX creates emotional relationships, thus relevance and attention

A high quality, brand driven UX can sustainably excite users about a product and the brand behind it. It has the potential to build a real emotional connection between a user and a digital product. In order to generate relevance and attention, brand driven UX design is essential for building successful digital products.

Cobe is UXi. UXi is Cobe. It’s in our DNA and defines all our actions. Removing it from an offer: No-Go.

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